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Gjesteopphold 2022 & 2023

We have recived suport from Kulturådets Gjesteoppholdsstøtte for arenaer, arrangører og festivaler.

This is for the development of VGKs multifaceted, artistic and cultural dissemination strategy in decentralized spaces to create an active and continuous artistic and cultural dialogue for the region and beyond. Led by Javier Rodriguez.

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Past Events and Highlights 


Publication 2022

Venø Gård KUNST is publishing the bok Arthemist Statement  2.6: Why create art that nobody asked for? by Bjørn Venø
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Strikket! 2022

Catwalk Show with creatives from 9 countries and 4 continents.

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Performance Art 2022

Performance Art Bergen visited Stad kommune.

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Artist-in-Resident 2021

Krista Vaarala and Javier Rodriguez were artists in residents in the month of November 2021. Krista is a rebel and a writer living in a small arctic town Rovaniemi. Javier is a visual Artist and cultural facilitator leading Cultural Paths. 
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Strikket! 2021

Brought together creatives from 8 countries and 3 continents to connect with local craftspeople and students from Vestland to harness the power of creativity and collaboration, culminating in a catwalk show on the 28 and 29th of August 2021 at Stad Hotell. 

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Harte%20v4 smal

Living Heritage Toolkit

An inter-regional project between Cultural Paths and Rovaniemi Heritage Museum Finland, inspired from the traditional clothing and textiles collection the museum holds. A reinterpretation of traditional working garments, knitted patterns and the nordic landscape. 

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Selje Kloster Genser

A collaboration project facilitated by Julia Venø. Designed by Atelier Öe and wool from Nordfjordul.
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Nordfjordbunad AS


Create public platforms for exploring new ways of communication and interaction away from mainstream culture to allow free flow of different perspectives. Take risks by visiting new grounds and not conforming to preconceived ideas. Democratise and decentralise art.

We aim to place value in striving towards our goals and not quantifiable outcomes.


Venø Gård is located on the island Venøya in Stad municipality. Situated on the West Coast of Norway.

The 400 acres farm Venø Gård has been in the Venø family for more than 400 years. Farming on such a small scale is barely sustainable, therefore it is important to find new ways for the land to give sustenance to the community. Our answer is art.

We create events on Venø Gård and in the local district.

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Olav Venø

Olav left home at the age of 15 to become a sailor. With time he became a navigator of cargo ships. Among his amazing experiences was delivering pipes with a 8000 ton ship from Germany to Peru, via the Amazon river. It tok 10 days to travel 2000 nautical miles up the river and 5 days down. In his 30s Olav returned home to mange the farm he grew up on and is continuing to look after it to this day.

Julia Venø

Julia Anna Maria Kröner Venø is a fashion educator, fashion designer, pattern cutter and ladies’ tailor. She is using her international experience and strong clothing expertise to create meaningful work to benefit the region and beyond. Julia and her artist husband Bjørn Venø are working together on cultural projects that have the potential to question the current value system to encourage alternative perspectives and exploration.

Julia's Portfolio

Jessica Venø

Jessica has a Master in Service Experience Design and Innovation, and a BA in Experience and Event Design from Westerdals. Currently she is working as a Service Designer at Knowit. She has a environmental and futuristic agenda for social change and innovation.

Elaine Venø

Elaine was a 21 year old student nurse when she first met Olav who was a navigator on a ship called Mambo. They dated and he invited her to visit Venøy. It was cold and the water was very calm. Olav’s mother Anne had prepared freshly made waffles for breakfast. Sivert, Olav's fatter asked Elaine if she new the queen, which felt funny and strange to her.

Bjørn Venø

Bjørn has a Master in Photography from Royal College of Art and a BA in Photography from University for the Creative Arts. He left Venøy at the age of 17, but every dream was located on Venøy. He is now back on the island living in the old farm house with his family. A notable project he is working on is a Manifesto on why it is important to make art nobody wants.

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