Living Heritage Toolkit

An inter-regional project between Venø Gård KUNST, Javier Rodriguez from Cultural Paths and Rovaniemi Heritage Museum  Finland, inspired from the traditional clothing and textiles collection the museum holds. A reinterpretation of traditional working garments, knitted patterns and the nordic landscape

Exploring the potential for circular design, applied arts and digital technologies, the collaboration has developed a heartfelt working process between fashion designer Julia Kröner Venø, local wool producer Inger Falkevik from Nordfjordull, local knitters and creative practitioners such as Karina Siegmund.

The project aims to reflect the value of rural culture, with its roots in applied crafts, and ethical maker-ship culminating in an exhibition to coincide with our next Symposium Merging - Converging.

Materials include conceptualization of ideas, textile samples, designs, moodboards, drawings, and a garment prototype.

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Instalation shoot at Rovaniemi Heritage Museum

Accessory: Karina Siegmund
Garment Prototype: Julia Kröner Venø, Living Heritage Toolkit and Inger Falkevik,
Video: Inger Falkevik from Nordfjordull

Video introducing Inger Falkevik by Bjørn Venø, Interview by Julia Kröner Venø

VGKUNST2020 workshop-julia
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