Venø Gård Artist-In-Resident is open for practising artists who are looking for time to reflect, create and have a dialogue for one week or more.

You will be staying in a quirky old house right on the seafront. It has two bedrooms with 5 beds, a small kitchen, bathroom and living room. In the basement, there is a washing machine and freezer.

Please e-mail for cost and more information

Past Residents

VGK resident2021-KarenWerner

Krista Vaarala

A rebel and a writer living in a small arctic town Rovaniemi.

Resident from 01.11.21 - 01.12.21

VGK resident2021-KarenWerner

Javier Rodriguez

Visual Artist and cultural facilitator leading Cultural Paths.

Resident from 21.10.21 - 21.11.21

VGK resident2021-KarenWerner

Karen Werner

Artist and sociologist working with radio, listening, words, voice and song

Resident from 25.06.21 - 23.07.21